Why is your donation important?

A life can be turned upside down without warning. You may not need the services of our Hospital right now. But if you ever do, you’ll be happy to know that Hôpital Charles-Le Moyne is one of the best hospitals in Québec! And it’s right next door.

The important thing is for our Hospital to be there. Ready. At any time. And at every stage of your life. In times of happiness, and in times of sickness. When you need us most.

But we’re facing many challenges. A growing and ageing population. A lack of resources and space. Outdated equipment. An exhausted healthcare staff. All this made worse by the pandemic. It’s more urgent than ever to work together to respond to the essential needs of your Hospital.

Making a donation is a  for your Hospital. It means  innovation,  research,  serenity for patients,  comfort for care staff,  talent,  proximity. In short, it means  excellent care. Above all, it’s a  for you. For your health. It’s also a  for your family, friends, colleagues, neighbours and community.

You have a role to play!


Hospitals are under pressure. In a changing world, they cannot lose sight of their long-term development. The government funds basic equipment. But each hospital has special areas of expertise and specific needs. Maintaining the highest quality standards and making the best technology accessible—these are real challenges. That’s where you come in.

To keep driving Hôpital Charles-Le Moyne’s development, we must invest in our future health. Encouraging innovative initiatives like Horizon 4 Saisons and EZDrips. Funding cutting-edge technology adapted to our community, our physicians and our patients. Investing in artificial intelligence and teleconsultations. This is what we need to keep Le Moyne a Hospital of reference. Innovation in care—that’s your impact!


Clinical research is critical to the medicine of tomorrow. It paves the way for new medications, new therapies and new approaches for our patients. And improves their lives. Costly but crucial to offering outstanding care.

Did you know that your Hospital launches new research protocols every week? When you make a donation, you’re supporting the development of the Centre de recherche Charles-Le Moyne, the only health research centre in the Montérégie. You’re improving access to health for specific, vulnerable and often orphaned clienteles.


The ongoing shortage of staff, beds and operating time is very challenging. A hospital stay can be a major source of stress at the best of times. But it’s worse now with so many patients having to wait months for surgery.

Technology enhances patient wellbeing thanks to less invasive procedures. This frees up beds and physicians to treat more people. Complementary treatments also add to their wellbeing. Art therapy in palliative care, massage therapy, comfort kits in oncology, and so much more. Greater serenity for our patients—thanks to you!


The last few years have been very challenging for our overworked teams on the front lines. COVID turned their daily lives upside down. Longer workdays, new constraining health measures… Every gesture makes a difference for our exhausted care staff.

The wellbeing of our patients goes hand in hand with the wellbeing of our care staff. Leading-edge equipment provides our teams with the best possible working conditions. This means greater precision, speed, safety and success! Your kind words and small gestures make all the difference in their day-to-day.


Today, the health network is facing a critical lack of resources. Attracting and maintaining our staff is a constant challenge. University hospitals need funds to train the next generation of medical staff. And to contribute to the continuing education and expertise of our current care staff.

When you fund scholarships and projects like the simulation room at the new medical campus right across from the Hospital, you’re helping to make us a major university health hub in the Montérégie. You’re supporting a new generation of physicians. You’re helping to attract future physicians to the region.


When our Hospital doesn’t have the necessary expertise or equipment, patients from the South Shore are sent to Montréal. This only makes the problem worse. Montréal’s hospitals are just as overstretched. This increases wait times and anxiety for our patients, who are far from their families. And there’s a risk that their health will further deteriorate.

Today, many people from all over the region and beyond come to us for care. The more you give, the more you reduce wait times, stress and the cost of travelling to Montréal. Your impact extends well beyond the walls of your Hospital. The best healthcare, where you live. Extraordinary!

Philanthropy is our ticket to providing the best healthcare, the best physicians, the best equipment. We can overcome these challenges. You have the power to make it happen! What a relief to know that the Hospital where you receive care—your Hospital—provides the best care!


We’re working hand in hand with the Hospital’s managers, physicians, healthcare workers and donors. Together, we’re identifying needs and finding the best solutions for each department. Some examples? Providing funding for a new neuronavigation device, an art therapy program, a cancer research chair, massage therapy for our cancer patients…

Your donations changed the lives of Vanessa, Christopher, Nicole Courchesne, Nicole Cormier. Let us introduce you to them!

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You have the greatest impact when you give every month!

Small or big, every gesture makes a difference

Honour the memory of a loved one.

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You have the greatest impact when you give every month!

Small or big, every gesture makes a difference

Honour the memory of a loved one.