You’re the spark that allows us to keep delivering ever-improving care to the Hospital’s patients.

The first hour of resuscitation is often very chaotic. So many questions and complicated calculations. There’s a huge risk of making a dosing error. And there’s so little time to react! There are lots of print and online resources. But until recently, there was nothing that was easily accessible in the heat of the moment. That’s where you came in.

Dr. Frédéric Lemaire, Emergency physician at Hôpital Charles-Le Moyne, has created EZResus. With this revolutionary application—financed through your donations—you make it easier to administer medication to all patients, whether you are treating a newborn or an overweight adult.

Thanks to you, Dr. Lemaire’s team can continue to work diligently to improve this application. A team of physicians and volunteer experts have joined forces to pursue one mission: to save even lives in Emergency by making resuscitation easier.

To learn all about EZResus, and your impact:

Your impact in outer space!

You’re an agent of change! With EZResus, which has won many prizes, you’ve helped and will continue to help care staff in so many ways! Preparing the medications confidently. Relieving the stress of complicated calculations. Knowing what to do, step by step, in moments of extreme tension. In short, being more efficient!

And, above all, being able to focus on what really matters: the patient’s life. Every time a patient is resuscitated at Charles-Le Moyne or elsewhere, there’s a little bit of you in that saved life. There’s no greater recognition than that.

Here’s what the medical teams are saying!

Everyone knows that in Emergency, we work with patients in life and death situations. What people forget, though, is that we do it late into the night, when our cognitive and psychological abilities are not always at their best. The additional safety and efficiency that EZResus provides really improves our quality of life at work.

EZResus is an extraordinary application for clinicians. It frees up our brains from complicated dosage calculations that we sometimes rarely use. Especially in moments of extreme tension, like when we have to intubate a baby and connect him or her to a respirator. In these situations, the response time is very short and the patient’s survival depends on the success of a technical procedure. I really, really appreciate this aid because it allows me to focus 100% on my work.

I recently had to treat a 6-year-old boy who was having heart failure due to COVID. His pressure was dropping dangerously and he was turning grey. I had to quickly start an intravenous adrenaline infusion. It was only the second time in my career that I’d had to do this on a child. We also had to organize his transfer to a specialized pediatric centre. EZResus allowed me to quickly prescribe the correct dose adapted to my patient. Fortunately, following the transfer, and with appropriate treatment, he really improved the next day. Phew!

For people who don’t know much about our profession, I can tell you that we have to make tons of decisions during every work shift. Some of them are of little consequence, and we have time to make adjustments. But others are vital and, in a chaotic situation, I really appreciate EZResus because it frees up my brain and gives me time to think.

An unstable patient kept losing consciousness because his heart rate was too slow. I knew exactly which medication to give him, but I didn’t know the preparation and the infusion rate off by heart because we rarely use it. With EZResus, in less than a minute, I had my answer. And a few minutes later, the patient was doing much better.

Children in the shock room is an extremely stressful thing. We have to do lots of dosage calculations based on weight. With EZResus, I save time and the risk of a dosing error is dramatically reduced. I can use that time to focus on resuscitation instead.

EZResus is essential for reducing my mental load, especially in the shock room, where there are already so many elements to consider…especially in pediatrics. It’s super useful for nurses and physicians at all levels (residents, new consultants, experienced consultants ;)). Thank you for that!

Again tonight, while attending to a child who was having convulsions, my stress was reduced because I could confidently prepare the medications. What an achievement!

EZResus has changed my practice! The quality of care offered in the resuscitation room to my patients, young and old, has been transformed by this precious tool. Since I’ve been using it, I’m so much more confident prescribing medications that I don’t give very often. I’m also a lot less stressed about the risk of error because the rest of the team (nurses and pharmacists) also use it to validate in real time the doses and formulas.

For example, I hadn’t prescribed Isuprel for more than a year and last week a 78-year-old woman, on multiple medications, came in in shock, with 8-second pauses?? and dizziness! Three clicks later, and I’d confidently prescribed this magic formula…1 mg in 250 NS at 30 cc/hr, which gave her 2 ug/min. No need to call the cardiologist. No need to go check anything in my books. Just three clicks! The pharmacist, who’d just validated it on her iPhone, came back with the medication and the nurse got things going. A few minutes later, the patient was out of shock and asymptomatic. I was there, right behind them, smiling and confident because thanks to this app, I was able to make a difference, safely and efficiently.

One thing’s for sure: there’s no going back for me. EZResus is a game changer!

Yes! I want to support the patients at Hôpital Charles-Le Moyne.

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You have the greatest impact when you give every month!

Small or big, every gesture makes a difference

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You have the greatest impact when you give every month!

Small or big, every gesture makes a difference

Honour the memory of a loved one.